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Royal Mantra, experience luxury spa relaxation and body massage rejuvenation services at our Professional Spa Centers in Salem and soak up in pure indulgence of the range of services.

Royal Mantra, ensures that our discerning clients experience the authentic royal treatment, can boast of using the original and traditional spa materials, such as oils, scrubs, creams, lotions, salt, aroma essence, herbs and more than more.

If the thought of body scrubs, foot treatments, facials & massages make you want to crawl onto the nearest treatment table, it's time you treat yourself to one of our spa packages.

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Spa & Massage Services

Enter to feel Royal Mantra, well-appointed spa rooms which include separate rooms for dry, wet and foot therapies, the sancto-Sanctorum for your spirit, soul and body. To add convenience, the wet spa and dry spa are clearly demarcated and so are the mats and the beds which means no more shuffling and juggling from one room to another.
We assure you, our attention to detail not only reveals our passion to offer the best experience but also to evoke the smile of satisfaction from our guests, which means much more for us!


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